24h Shelter is the avant-garde of the Cold War Art WorkThe Cold War Art Work is the project that U.S. presidents, Soviet premiers, weapons manufacturers, think tank specialists, academics, urban planners and generals developed following the Allied victory in World War II.  It was developed over a course of events including the Berlin Blockade, through the Cuban Missile Crisis, in spite of test ban treaties, and right up to the total embrace of the private property form of capitalism by Russia and the Eastern Bloc countries in the early 1990s.  If one considers the Cold War as a nearly fifty year long interactive work, it must be said that what was missing was the ultimate collective encounter: total nuclear war.

Thomas Hirschhorn, “Cavemanman”, 2002

This is why 24h Shelter is basically the same Cold War Art Work project revived, condensed and speeded up – to reach another conclusion.  I want 24h Shelter to affirm and prove that it’s necessary to work as the survivors of a nuclear war with precision and excess.  I want this project to be precise and exaggerated!  For me, the Cold War Art Work will change and will be sped up.

Thomas Hirschhorn, “Mannequins reliés,” 2006.

The 24h Shelter comprises 1. a shelter 2. all of the necessary supplies to support life for 24 hrs at a time for 50 people 3. board games and other interactive activities to facilitate new relational encounters 4. a sound library consisting of various explosions to simulate the aural experience of World War III 5. a video library consisting of various 20th century Hollywood films depicting nuclear destruction 6. a confessional booth 7. a souvenir shop 8. a security camera capturing video of the event 10. a Cold War studio.  24h Shelter is an autonomous work made collectively.  24h Shelter is a work of art!

I want the public to be transformed by the experience of Cold War Art Work. I want the public to appropriate the Cold War’s work of art.  I want the public to be active, participate.  Evidently the most important participation is activity, the participation of reflexion, questioning, making your brain work.  I want the public of Cold War Art work to seize the energy of the Cold War’s work as if they were seizing the energy of the atom itself!


The Cold War Art Work takes place from 6 August to 22 December at an undisclosed location.  That location will be disclosed to people, 50 at a time, when they sign up for my website mailing list.  Each 24 hour day will bring a new group of 50 people to co-produce this event.  This event must be very well prepared.  You have to work uphill on this project with contributors, participants, co-producers.  Cold War Art Work is going to be an event that must be produced elsewhere at least once (US, Russia, Germany or elsewhere).

Cold War Art Work is an ambitious project.  It is itself an affirmation as much as a work of art.

Thanks to Thomas Hirschhorn who inspired 24h Shelter.